They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.

Most people think I’m weird cuz I tend to like fictitious characters more than real life people… but hey… they weren’t exactly there when i need them… Its these characters that stood by me… when i needed people most.



The second part of the cloud tutorial is done :D You can view the full version on my dA. And for the new followers, you can find part 1 here I’ll be working on part three next :3

Here’s the free download to the Photoshop brushes.

I was very happy to see all the beautiful skies people have been painting while using my tutorial :) I hope to make lots of other tutorials on lighting and colors as well. Now I just need time between my busy schedule orz…


-Full view of sample cloud paintings

-Gif of the tutorial work progress (best viewd in Firefox)

Saved for future references…

Frozen rambles…

As much as I love the movie Frozen… I really can’t stand certain fan material especially the R-18 fan material…And its all over the internet… 

I don’t get it…I mean… if you are a fan… you love the characters right?.. Yet u use ur talents to draw or write about the characters you love in such compromising ‘positions’… How is this love? Some fan-art are so beautifully drawn… The artists have so much talents… 

. But I really wanna ask…If they love Elsa and Anna… why would they turn them into Porn stars?? -.-||| 

I’ve already closed one eye on Elsanna kisses… But this is really… ugh….